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Telling Stories Through Beautiful And Meaningful Imagery

I believe that film and photography are the most powerful media through which values are embedded in tales and told for impact. With my creative expertise, vision for location, creative storytelling and understanding of photography and filmmaking, I create remarkable photos and videos, yet with a real and natural feel. In my approach to filmmaking and photography, I capture every project through the lens of the admiration and fascination I have for compelling personal stories.

Actualizing thoughtful, heartfelt and effective philanthropy

My work has a strong humanistic focus as I am interested in the human society and the impact we have on our environment and each other. I believe in the need to create lasting social change and have a huge impact in not just the lives of individuals but also their families and communities. Over the past years I have been able to combine my understanding of film/photography and psychology to make the most engaging corporate and humanistic impacts through some of my personal humanitarian projects.

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Using My Heart To Genuinely Listen.

From creating awareness on issues surrounding sickle cell and autism, to promoting social, emotional and leadership learning in African high schools, I am constantly searching for purpose driven stories to tell.

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Using My Craft To Speak & Educate.

I am devoted to capturing powerful stories and funding visual creation of the incredible stories of those who don’t have the means or resources to raise awareness by visualizing and sharing their stories themselves.

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Using The Media To Make A Difference.

I understand that stories are one of the most powerful means to influence, teach, and inspire. I therefore utilize the power of the media to forge connections between people and causes.